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Testimonials from our clients

We have been using Tracy as our groomer for years now. We love her! Our little Rylie has never looked or smelled better. When we saw that she had opened a shop, we were so excited. We don't go anywhere else. She is great and very loving. I know when I drop Rylie off, he is in good hands.


Rylie's Mom


My dog, Shadow, smells REALLY bad in the summer from being outside constantly. Plus he sheds like crazy. Black hair does not look good on the white carpet! As soon as Shadow starts shedding and smelling, we head to TLC. When he comes out, he looks so handsome! Less hair on the carpet, and he smells so fresh! Now we can love on him as much as we can without fearing we will smell like an old dog after we pet him and have black hair on our white shirts!

Shadow wags his tail to see Tracy at TLC!

We know they will give him some good TLC.


Shadow's owner


I have two small dogs. Mollie is fairly shy, but Petey has no enemies. Unfortunately, that includes the rare “striped kitty” that ventures into our backyard. When I called Tracy about the skunk encounter, she told me to bring him in and not to panic. She was right. Later the day I picked up a much fresher smelling dog who will hopefully pick his friends a little better. I have followed Tracy around for years and my dogs just love her. I am so happy she now has her own salon.




My dog, Skipper, is a 6 months old long-haired Dachshund. He had his first groom about a month ago and I brought him to TLC. I was very apprehensive about leaving my dog to have his first groom. The groomer, Sarah, assured me that it would be easy and painless for the dog. She finally convinced me, and I left him there. About 2 hours later, I picked him up. He was so happy. When I came back in, he was running around, playing and having a good time. After she put his collar back on him and handed him to me, I was very impressed. He smelled so good and was very soft. I have had many dogs before Skipper, and all of them had been groomed on a regular basis, but NONE of them ever smelled, or looked as good as Skipper did after Sarah was done with him.


Now, I bring Skipper in once a week. Most times, he doesn't even want to leave because he has so much fun.


It was my first time at TLC, but if Sarah keeps grooming him so perfectly, it won't be my last:)


Mrs. Booker


I have had dogs for many years and have tried different groomers. TLC is by far the best place we have ever been. The dogs are happy to go and came back perfect. Thank you so much for opening your salon in our area!


Shelley and Mark Jernigan


Tracy's TLC Grooming does a wonderful job of grooming, but more importantly, our dog Macy "loves" it here! We used to use a different groomer, but something happened and she began to dread going to the place. When she met first met Tracy (at her previous place) she was so happy when we left! She gets so excited whenever we bring her in, so I figure she likes it here, and that's what matters to her, and to me.


I am glad to find that you offer board. We have only left Macy with a boarder once or twice (we have good neighbors and relatives who usually can watch her) and she did not like it at all. If we ever have to board her again it will be with Tracy at TLC. We won't leave her with just anybody again.



Macy and family


We have been using Tracy for some time now. I can tell you she truly loves animals! We were a bit nervous at first to leave our adopted furry child with her. But she has been a blessing. He loves Tracy and her family when he stays with them for long visits he loves playing with her family, I know he thinks of them like his second family. Her grooming is the best around. She listens to what you want and takes great care of your pet. Thank you Tracy!!


Tim and Judie


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