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Our grooming process

How it works

Our clients often have questions about what is included in the grooming process. From bathing to bows, we have broken down how we work so you can see just how much care goes into each pet!


We offer to recur weekly and bi-weekly appointments with a discount of $5 -$15 depending on the breed. Please call for price quotes.


Your pet is thoroughly bathed using a couple of different shampoos depending on coat needs. We use the following shampoos:


Oatmeal: The last shampoo product, leaves the coat fresh and soft.


Hypoallergenic: This tearless shampoo is used on facial areas and features a bubble gum scent.


Soothe: For dogs with sensitive skin this offers a fresh and rejuvenating feel after just 15 minutes of soak time.


Espree: This is a de-shed and conditioner combination, perfect for dogs with thick coats.


Desert Almond: Similar to oatmeal, this shampoo leaves a more almond like smell


Degreasing: Usually the first of the shampoos, this strips the dog's coat of grease and dirt.


Anal glands are always expressed at no charge

Add-ons include flea dips and teeth brushing


Drying: Dogs are dried with a hand dries and sprayed with a leave on conditioner for a long lasting softness.


Grooming: In the basic bath, we include expert nail filing, unlike other salons who only use clippers or charge extra for this service.


Ears are thoroughly cleaned of wax



*Upgraded baths are available for an additional $10 - $15 depending on the breed.


Additional Services:


• We offer through brush outs services for matted, knotted coats

• Trimming of paw pads and potty areas

• Cleaning of the face and facial trimming


Full grooms include:


A full groom with the cut of your choice


Finish up:

Apply your choice of bandana or bow

Apply a fragrance of your choice to your pet

The grooming process

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